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Got the ebooks and they are fantastic. Very convenient and easy to use. Alessa,

The printed books arrived safely and promptly. I will be back for more. Flo,

I have made two of your quilting patterns and had to write to say how easy they are to follow. Thank you. Sharon, USA

Just a quick note to let you know the charts have arrived in good order and I am very happy with them.  Terry, Tasmania
























Needle Pad
Written and Designed by Janet M. Davies 

The Needle Pad has a quilting fabric front and a felt backing which needles slide into easily. Great for storing the needle in for your current project. The fabric and felt is fused together with fusible webbing and then all layers are Buttonhole stitched with Picots around the edge with a tassel made from the stitching thread.

The scissor fob is created the same but do not fuse layers of fabric and felt. It is slightly stuffed with a small Bullion stitch rose stitched on it.

Needle Pad Instructions
1. Cut a piece of Quilting fabric, felt and fusible webbing 4 x 6cm (1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches).

2. Fuse all layer together with fusible layer in the centre.

3. By cutting, round off the corners.

4. Buttonhole stitch around the edge of the pad through all layers. I used Pearl 8 cotton but 4 strands of 6 stranded cotton can be used. Every 4th buttonhole spike make a picot.

5. With working thread attached to one corner of the fabric; for the tassel wrap working thread around 3 fingers about 12 times to form a loop while taking the thread in through the corner of the fabric also. Then remove your fingers. Then wrap the working thread around the bunch of threads just under the edge of the Buttonhole stitch a few times and secure end of working thread. Then cut open the end of the loops to make the flayed end of the tassel.

Buttonhole Stitch with Picots
1. After Buttonhole stitching to where you want a picot, (
every 4th buttonhole spike make a picot) take the needle into the ridge of the stitching where the needle has just come out of, but do not go through the fabric. Place the thread under the needle and then pull out the needle. Pull the thread until a small chain (loop) has been formed.

2. Now put the needle inside the chain and bring the thread under the needle again and pull the needle out to form another chain. The needle does not go into the fabric. Thus creating a row of Chain stitch, but ‘in the air’. Make another chain. You should have made 3 chains now.

 3. Then take the needle and thread up behind the last long Buttonhole stitch made and pull the thread until the chains form a small knot.

4. Now carry on with your Buttonhole stitch until you need to make another picot.


Right: I have used the Buttonhole Picot around the wired wing edges of this Needlework Stumpwork Fairy.

Also the Buttonhole Picot stitch could be used around the edge of Needlework Hardanger and Mountmellick mats.

Also along a Buttonhole edge on Crazy Quilting.

Also with Art Quilts the edges could be stitched on raw edge Applique.


The instructions in JMD Designs retail pattern packs are a lot more
detailed than what is given here in this tutorial above.

The designs/patterns on this page may be used for free,
for your personal non profit use only. They are not to be put in other websites. You may link to this page using a URL or website address though.



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