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Got the ebooks and they are fantastic. Very convenient and easy to use. Alessa,

The printed books arrived safely and promptly. I will be back for more. Flo,

I have made two of your quilting patterns and had to write to say how easy they are to follow. Thank you. Sharon, USA

Just a quick note to let you know the charts have arrived in good order and I am very happy with them.  Terry, Tasmania
























Janet's Blog 
Here is what is new with me and my website.
 I look forward to hearing your comments please email me at janet@jmddesigns.co.nz 

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17th December 2014  First term of classes complete

Sew it Yourself - Te Horoi Tereti
What a busy few months I have had setting up my Community Sewing group.
Thanks to all of you that donated. The ten week sewing course is finished now and they students did really great with their sewing skills. You can see the picture above I have changed the colours of the group and the main name of the group, but it still includes Te Horoi Tereti.

Dates for 2015 are now set. You can see the details for the classes here  


Yes I am still hand stitching and working slowly on my Pulled Thread book.

Time now to get ready for Christmas. I hope you and your home have a joyful season.


6th October 2014  Free Sewing Classes
Te Horoi Tereti

What a busy month I have had fundraising for our new Community Sewing group.
Thanks to all of you that donated. Click on the video to see what we achieved.

A big thank you to Spark (formally Telecom)
and Spark My Potential for giving us this chance to fundraise with them


9th September 2014  Free Sewing Classes - Fundraising

Here in New Zealand Darren and I are setting up a free weekly sewing group (Te Horoi Tereti) for young adults to learn sewing and needlework. Our local community has been wonderful with donations of fabric and thread, but unfortunately the sewing machines donated are too unreliable. So we have started an international fundraising event to buy 6 new sewing machines.

Once our term/semester of sewing classes have finished and we have refined our curriculum; we then want to share how we set up our group with other communities around the world for free; so they can start their own groups.
You can see our groups website here:


29th August 2014  Free Sewing Classes
Te Horoi Tereti - A Clean Slate with Fabric and Thread,

We had an article published in a New Zealand newspaper.
 Click on the photo below to see and read.



18th July 2014  Pulled Thread Needlework

  The last six months I have been designing and stitching a series of Pulled Thread Needlework.


I am now writing all the instructions and before the end of the year I will retail them as individual designs and all together in an ebook.


Some of the designs are coloured as shown left. Others are same colour fabric and threads with lacy fillings in design shapes.


18th July 2014     Knitted Chains

I saw some knitted chains on the internet the other day and had to give them a go. I have padded mine so I can hang them up like bunting.

I am in the process of making a tutorial so you can make you own.

I padded mine with strips of foam rubber to keep the links in the chains from sagging.

Each link is 7cm (3 inches) long.

The same colours as some rainbow gloves I made last winter



1st July 2014  PEACE Quilt


I just finished making a Peace Quilt. It is winter here right now and I wanted a lap quilt to keep me warm and peaceful in the evenings while stitching. I will have more photos to follow soon.


23rd November 2013

Hi Everyone, sorry I have not been updating my blog the last few months. My heath has not been the best. I am taking life a bit slower at the moment. I have been playing with different crafts lately and here are some photos of them.

Felted Needlecases.

Old postage stamps decoupage onto the side of a glass tumbler.

Some stuffed patchwork owls. about 40cm high.

I molded some concrete toadstools and painted them. They go in the garden. Also I painted some rocks into lady birds.


I did some wood burning Pyrography. I designed the dolls
which I shall use the designs in some needlework one day.


June16th 2013  Knitted and Crocheted Owl Hat  - Free Pattern

As you will know from looking here Owls are my favourite bird. So with the arrival of a Great Niece I had to knit an Owl hat for her. 

The overall hat is knitted in a rectangle and sewn down each long side. No increasing or decreasing !!

If you can not crochet then you could make the face and wings from poplar fleece. I have seen features made from felt but I don't think these would wash well.

You can see the tutorial on how to make the hat click here

June 10th 2013  Topsy Turvy Doll Tutorial

I think this century a Topsy Turvy doll represents to our children that racism or class systems are not ok. That we can have friends of any culture or colour.

I found a free rag doll pattern online and adapted it as you will see by clicking here

I love the idea that a child can have two friends in one doll to play with.

May 21st 2013  Felt and Fabric Sewing Pouch


Remember the paper packets we used to get handed our wages in? The days of having 'folding stuff' in our wallet and not a plastic card?

My pouch is based on the shape of those packets. I have written a tutorial with a free pattern  Click here

You can enlarge or change the width or length of the pouch pattern to suit the object size you want to put in your pouch.

May 18th 2013  Felt Dove

This dove I made for my Mother for Mothers Day this year. It is 4 inches (10cm) tall. Overall it is made out of felt. But on the wings I hand stitched onto cotton fabric the design and then fused it onto the felt wing. Overall all stitching was done with Marlitt Rayon thread. I like the sheen of the rayon thread on the flatness of the felt surface. Beads were sewn on with silver metallic thread and silver stars were hand stitched on in metallic thread.

May 10th 2013  Quilted Pot Holder

Never throw out scraps of fabric!! I made these two pot mitts from fabric scraps I have had for about 15 years. The mitts I padded with an old bath towel that was still thick. I find toweling more heat resistant than regular quilting wadding. The mitts look great with my fuchsia pink electric jug.

I used the Postage Stamp method of construction you can see in this video below.


April 12 2013  Twisted Hexagon and Paisley Quilt


 I have decided to make a hand stitched quilt based around the Twisted Hexagon templates that are sewn together by hand in the English Paper Piecing (EPP) method and with paisley designs.
Below you can follow my progress by
clicking here

Also I will be giving free designs each time I update my progress.

April 9th 2013  Toadstool Home - Biscornu and Cushion
New Designs

These charming Toadstool homes will always be part of our imagination no mater how young or old we are. The designs are easily stitched and quick to make up the items shown above. The biscornu pincushion would also look great as decoration on a coffee table. The couch/bed cushion could also be used as the front of a bag.  Cotton quilting fabric has been used. Also included are 2 extra free designs.
Click here to see more details.

Feb 15th 2013  Hardanger Bookmark

I have given free Hardanger design for a bookmark.

You can get the pattern by
clicking here

Feb 15th 2013  Twisted Hexagon Templates

I have given 3 different sizes of the Twisted Hexagon templates for you to use.  See how I appliqued the block onto a bag. I have given the designs Free in the tutorial

You can see the tutorial on how to make the block by clicking here



Jan 23rd 2013  Valentines Fabric Bowl

Valentines bowl

I made both these fabric bowls as Christmas gifts for my sister and daughter. I am sure they would make great gifts for you loved ones for Valentines day also. I did Needlework on mine but just the use of 3 different patterned quilting fabric would look great also. I have given the designs Free in the tutorial.

You can see the tutorial on how to make the fabric dishes by clicking here

Sweetpea bowl



Jan 18th 2013  Butterscotch  Kitchen

New Designs

Butterscotch  Kitchen
Pot stands or wall hangings

 These cupcake and coffee cup designs can be hung on the wall or leave the beading off and use as pot stands or mug rugs for your table.

Only 1 basic needlework stitch is used and 3 shades of Golden Butterscotch thread.... or what colour suits your decor.

PLUS you get another two free designs to match, Click on the photo to view.

Jan 17th 2013  Snowy Owl

My Owl on a mat.

Angie from Lovie Dew Stitchery in Manitoba, Canada has been playing with one of my Hardanger Designs she purchased. She has made a great job for stitching and stuffing him. I love seeing him in the snow. Click on the owl to the right to see her tutorial on how she padded him.

You can see more details about my Snowy Owl pattern by clicking here

Angie's owl padded.

Dec 7th 2012 Free Christmas Tutorial Revisited

For those of you new to my blog, here are some free tutorials from last Christmas

Christmas Banner
With No-Sew Applique featuring
Cottage - Tree  - Peace Wording.

Redwork Christmas Cottage
Christmas wall hanging featuring
a hand stitched cottage.

Nov 28th 2012 English Paper Piecing
3D Hexagon Design with Hand Quilting

I fell in love with this 3D Hexagon shape. I used 3 of the 3D hexagon blocks that I appliqued onto the front of a bag.

I have shown the step by step process I used
plus given free templates and designs.


Nov 27th 2012 Raspberry Ripple *NEW*
Bag and Pincushion

A must for ever person that sews; either for themselves or to give as a gift. The tote bag is lined and the front has an easily hand stitched inserted panel. The matching pincushion has a row of beads around its edge. An easy hand stitching project for children or learners. Only 1 basic needlework stitch is used and 3 shades of raspberry pink.

Click here too see more details

Nov 20th 2012 Welcome to Middle Earth
Sorry I have no Middle Earth or Hobbit designs or patterns to offer you.
I hope you enjoy viewing the Hobbit movie; and enjoy the scenery that I enjoy living in among here in New Zealand. I live about a 60 minute drive from the Hobbit Village itself.

Oct 17th 2012 What A Weekend

I tutored a workshop on Schwalm Needlework in Nelson this October for the
Nelson Embroidery Guild for their "What A Weekend" Retreat. I had a great time and was impressed with what my students (pictured above) produced over the two days. Did you spot my typo in the photo? I put 1012 instead of 2012... but I know someone was stitching Schwalm back then, but my students were far to young to be stitching it in 1012. :)

Sept 12th 2012  New Ebooks

A Kaleidoscopic Study

  Designed and Written by
Janet M. Davies


Padded Needlelace
Pocketed Love

  Designed and Written by
Janet M. Davies


Cut and Pulled thread. Lacy fillings that delight the viewer

        Padded Needlelace
Needlelace is padded to bring
your stitching to life.


The books above comes in an ebook format (PDF files) not printed paper. Have the ebook emailed to you. You print what pages you want to use from the ebook.

Sept 10th 2012 New Schwalm Designs

Wow it is the 10th of September already...... my life has been super busy the last 3 months but I am happy to say that I have 5 new designs you will love. The style is Schwalm Needlework which was originally from Germany a few centuries ago. My designs are focused around elements found traditionally from the 14th to 18th century.
Click on the photos to see more details about buying as individual designs.

July 30th 2012
I have decided to restructure the way that I present my books for you to buy. I am finding more that people prefer to purchase and have their designs emailed to them. So I am in the process of turning my books from a 'printed on paper' format; to an ebook that is in a PDF file format that is emailed to you and you print out the parts of the book (or all of it) that you want.

Until the ebooks are available you will find on the actual book pages
design collections with full instructions etc.




Whitework      Schwalm

 Casalguidi       Blackwork

Mountmellick    Stumpwork

July 16th th 2012   
Redwork Bag
A bag about 40cm tall I made for my Aunty Olwyn for her 80th birthday. I hand stitched all the pictures and hand quilted the front of the bag.





July 16th 2012   
Crochet Granny Square Rug
I finished Crocheting a Granny Square knee rug which will now sit over the back of my 2 seater couch. I crocheted a scalloped edge around it all.... now to make some cushions to match/similar.

May 18th 2012   
Crochet Fingerless gloves
One of the Characters in the Play "Pet" I am Production Manager of needed some white gloves. So I crocheted her a pair.

I did enough chains to go around the hand at across the knuckles. Crochet down to the length I wanted 13cm (5 inches). Then sewed up the side seam leaving a space for the thumb.

June 15th 2012   
Pyrography Burnt Wood Celtic Cross
Today I finally got around to editing photos of the Celtic Cross I made my sister for her Birthday last December. I cut the shape out of wood myself and then burnt the design onto the wood. The length of the cross is about 20cm (8 inches)

See more of my designs in wood you can purchase.

June 13th 2012   
Knitted Bag with Fabric Lining
Knitted bags have a habit of stretching their bottoms once something is placed in side them So I knew the bag would have to be lined. The bag is big enough to fit an android cell phone, debit cards and a small bunch of keys. Great for that trip when you want 'small' or heading off to an event and you want to keep your belonging with you all the time. The bag measures15 x 12 cm ( 6 x 4 1/2 inches)

The pattern and instructions are here free for you.

I few years ago I designed these 2 logos for SCAAD

Some of you might start seeing the surname McDonald on some of my correspondence or similar. I have decided to start using my maiden name again.

Personally I am a 5th generation born in New Zealander. My families ancestry is Scottish via Nova Scotia. In 1862 on the ship Ellen Lewis my father's (Murdock McDonald) ancestors landed in Waipu, New Zealand.

If you are interested in your New Zealand / Scottish related heritage then have a look at this website: http://www.scottishclans.co.nz/
It has a directory of the Scottish clans throughout New Zealand.

Scottish Clans Association
Auckland District Inc

June 9th 2012   
Crochet Flowers on My Scarf

I finished this week another scarf and matching gloves. I knitted the scarf with raspberry pink wool and a variegated colour(s) to compliment it. I Crocheted double layer flowers which sit of the back and front each side. I embellished the center for the flowers with pearl beads.

May 30th 2012 Free  Calendar
I have decided to no longer do my monthly free desktop calendar. I have so much on my own calendar I am running short of time these days.

May 22nd 2012   
Crochet Flowers
I had fun last weekend playing with crocheting flowers. Left and right is what I came up with in the end. They are about 8cm (3 inches) wide. I used 8 ply wool. The purple flower I stitched French Knots in the centre. Though large beads would look great also.

Here is a great tutorial so you can make some yourself at:
Lolly Chops Bog

I was part way through knitting a short scarf so I decided to add to black flowers to the lower front of each side.

I edged the scarf and the bottom of the gloves with crocheted eyelash wool. The gloves are knitted in basket stitch. The scarf itself is knitted in plain garter stitch. Click here to see the pattern I used for the gloves.

May 18th 2012   
Nathan's Teddy Bear
Free Blackwork Project

Left  I have put the Blackwork embroidery design into a picture frame. Right I have used quilting fabric and fur fabric to insert the needlework into a cushion.

I named the project after Nathan from the Netherlands. I gave my Facebook readers a chance to name the Teddy and Marielle asked Teddy to be named after her well deserving son Nathan.

The pattern and instructions are here free for you.

May 15th 2012    Knitted and Crochet Tea Cosy
I knitted my mother a tea cozy for Mother's Day this year. The top has loops of crochet chain and beads.
The mat it is sitting on is a Pulled Thread mat I made her last year.

To see information about Janet's book
"Blackwork - A Cultural Celebration"
click here

April 29th 2012   
Fingerless Knitted Gloves

It is that time again here in New Zealand where it is getting chilly. I love my fingerless gloves while stitching or typing to keep the back of my hands warm while allowing my fingers freedom to get on with things. I have already knitted two pairs this winter already (Red and Black) as gifts.
The pattern is here free for you.

April 29th 2012 Apple Core Quilted Mat
Below is a mat I made using the English Paper Piecing method; using apple core template shapes. Each shape has been hand stitched together. Then padding and backing fabric was added and each applecore shape has been hand quilted. The edge has a hand made bias binding the same fabric as used for the backing. The whole project measures 31 x 23 cms  (12 x 9 inches).

lick to enlarge pictures. Resize the apple core template to the size you wish.

April 20th 2012
House of Creations
This New Zealand website will delight those that do machine quilting. There are also some free quilting designs that the outlines could also be used for hand made needlework or quilting.


3rd March 2012 Susie-Jane's Bag

This bag I made for my cousin for Christmas. I used 2 different quilting fabric patterns on the outside walls of the bag. The lining is a plan brown colour which goes with the background of the patterned fabric. The pleated edge coming out from the top was a shot heavy organza. I attached small owl charms from beads around the bag opening. The bag is about 18cm (7 inches) wide at the base.

8th February 2012 Dresden Plate Cushions

In my new house there is a bay window in the lounge. I did not want to put furniture in the floor space so I made a pile of cushions. I now have my own "Crash Pad". The cushions are made from different types of textures, cotton, fur, silk, satin which add to the luxury of it all. I made patchwork cushions stitched around the "Dresden Plate" design layout.

I have made a tutorial here on how I made my Dresden Plate.
Below are close-ups of the cushions

Click to see the pillows larger

10th January 2012 "Laura" Wooden Based Pincushion
This Pincushion has needlework floss, beads, buttons and needles engraved around the edges. On two corners are thimbles I can engrave the initials you choose and a year. Included in the price is the pattern/instructions for  the fabric pincushion your can stitch yourself for the top.  Click here to see the photo larger

7th Jan 2012 Spacing Out Beads Tutorial

When sewing groups of beads around the edge of a pincushion,
I wanted to make sure the beads were evenly spaced along the
Click to see how I did it.

I used 4 different patterns of black and white fabric. I embellished the back with ric-rac, buttons and Chain stitch needlework. I changed the two smaller panels around for the back and front.
The bag measures 26 x 24 cm (10 x 9 1/2 inches)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and may 2012 bring
peace, harmony and love to you and your stitching.

19th November 2011 Floral Based Pincushion
This wooden pincushion base has flowers, leaves and berries engraved around the edges. On two corners are thimbles I engraved Margaret's initials and the year she chose. I then stitched the flowers on a fabric pincushion, with beads to embellish. Click here to see the photo larger


19th November 2011 NEW Word Searches
Needlework and Quilting free word searches I have made for you to do while in a waiting room; or take them along to your stitching groups or put them in your group's newsletter.
Click here to get them

11th November 2011

4th November 2011
I have been playing with some Pyrography (Poker work) which is when you engrave a design onto the wood with a hot wire. This craft has been done on timber since the Middle
Ages but they used a hot poker direct from the fire.

I made this pincushion that has thimbles in each corner. One thimble has my initials and the one in the other corner has the year in it. Hopefully it will become a family heirloom. I made the pin cushion that has beads and top stitching that is adhered to the wooden background.

When looking for designs to stitch or use in various crafts just don't look at designs designated for that craft. So may designs from other crafts can be adapted as I have done below.  
On the left is my Scottish Thistle stitched in Padded Needlelace; the design is 15 x 16 cms (6 high x 6 ¼ wide inches)  in size.  On the right is a wooden teapot stand I made adapted from my Needlelace design; The plaque measurements are14cms (5 inches) square. Thickness 2 cms (3/4 inches).

 fridge Magnet
I made this to use as a fridge magnet. What are the chances once you are snuggled in your chair that someone in the house wants you to do something for them!!

Pyrography for Crafters
So after my friends telling me how cool they thought these above looked they said they were sure people around the world would love to own some also. So click the photos below to see Giant Thimbles etc I have made for sale.





17th October 2011  Summer Fun Bag

Summer is just around the corner so I have made a bright funky bag to go with my bright summer clothes. The bag measure 28 x 26 cms(11 x 10 inches). The sides have pockets and Buttoned Fabric puffs on the sides,

I have given a free tutorial here for you learn how I made the Fabric Puffs on the bag.


10th October 2011 Halloween Stitching From Around the World


Annet from the Netherlands (picture left) http://fat-quarter.blogspot.com/ stitched my Halloween design featured below. It was the perfect size to stretch over an old CD with some batting. She used stranded DMC, 2 threads for the backstitches and the French knots, 1 strand for the knotted loop stitch. At the edge she couched some knitting yarn. Karen (Turtle) from the USA stitched hers with a fabric border of candy corn and a pumpkin button. I would love to see and feature your Halloween design I gave for free (see below)

I have given the peace symbol here for you to use in one of your projects

Click on the peace design
to enlarge. Then save to your computer and resize to what you wish for your bag.

4th October 2011  Peace Bag

I have decided my 'ever day bag' was getting a bit scruffy so I have made this new bag. I found the multi colour peace fabric a couple of months ago and it was screaming at me to make a bag with it. The centre insert I hand stitched peace symbols with chain stitch and then hand quilted around them. At the sides of the centre inset I pleated some spotted fabric.

28th September
Halloween Quilted Needlework
Fridge Magnet or Wall hanging

"Having Nothing to Stitch is Scary"
This is my first ever Halloween design/project. Halloween has not been a big thing in New Zealand but has become more popular the last 15 years. I used to look on it as something those in the USA do.

click here for this free project

20th September  2011 Handwork ~ While You Wait Wee
(via my facebook page or Newsletter list)
The 5 people that won a design of their choose in my Needlework or Quilting range are:
Kathy Demarco  -  Susi Patuzi  -  Mona Cashman  -  oneshoe2many  -  astitch2998  

If the winners email me to claim their prize. janet@jmddesigns.co.nz
Tell me which design you would like emailed to you in PDF format.

Quilting Designs: http://www.jmddesigns.co.nz/quilting/index.htm
Needlework Designs: http://www.jmddesigns.co.nz/needlework/index.htm


19th September
 2011 Contemporary Seahorse
I have finished my Contemporary Filet Darn with a chunky border.
Click here to see more photos etc


 15th September  2011 New Individual Design

JMD1107   Medieval Hunter Gatherer Bags
The needlework designs above on the bags are based on Medieval woodcuts. Messenger style bags with a horse and deer hunting scene and one with a fishing boat. Two of the most basic Needlework stitches have been used so it is a great beginners needlework project. The messengerbag is of basic construction.
Easy step by step instructions you can achieve stunning results with.
Click on the photo above to see more details.

 1st September  2011 New Individual Design

JMD1106    Eat, Drink and Be Merry
I took a fancy to the medieval woodcut drawing and came up with the above design. There are 3 separate designs included.
2 of the most basic Needlework stitches have been used so it is a great beginners project. Easy step by step instructions you can achieve stunning results with.
Click on the photo above to see more details.


23rd August 2011
Knitting Project or Crochet Hook Holder Tutorial

A holder for your knitting needles during a knitting project or storing crochet hooks.
 I have given a free tutorial .

Click on the photo above to see the quilt made step by step.

16th August 2011
Hexagon quilt finished!!!!!!!!!

Well my quilt is compete now and laying over my couch. It is wonderful to have it finished. For those new to seeing this quilt the whole front of the quilt is ALL hand stitched; hexagons, applique and quilting.

The blocks for the backing are all joined by machine sewing. I have given a free tutorial of the block used on the back and their layout.

Click on the photo above to see the quilt block tutorial.

16th August 2011 Visitors to My Website

I just checked the statistics of my website and within 30 minutes these were the countries that viewed my website and many multiples of people from each country. Thanks for visiting everyone my little corner of the world.

India, Australia, Spain, United States, Sweden, New Zealand, England, United States (USA), Nepal, France, Thailand, Brazil, Netherlands, Japan, China, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Italy, Norway, Spain, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Italy, France, Russia, Ireland, Singapore.

19th July 2011
Free Hardanger Design

I have given the chart free for this Hardanger mat I designed and stitched. Click on the photo to see lots of close up photos and the chart.



14th July 2011 New Individual Design
This flower arrangement of Daffodils, Irises and freesias is hand stitched using Padded Needlelace. (commonly used in Raised Elizabethan designs) Pockets of Needle Lace are stitched directly onto the fabric and then padded to produce raised stitched areas. Metallic thread and beads add texture and appeal to the design.
Also I have put 2 extra free designs with it.

Easy step by step instructions you can achieve stunning results with.
Click on the photo to see more details and close up photos.


13th July 2011 New Individual Design
I have taken the Wisdom of Spring design from the Casalguidi Needlework book I wrote and have released it as a individual design.
Also I have put 3 extra free designs with it.

Easy step by step instructions you can achieve stunning results with.
Click on the photo to see more details.



6th July 2011 New Individual Design
This is a modern Scottish Thistle design based on Padded Needlelace. (commonly used in Raised Elizabethan designs) Pockets of Needle Lace are stitched directly onto the fabric and then padded to produce raised stitched areas. Metallic thread add texture and appeal to the design. This design is 15 x 16 cms (6 high x 6 ¼ wide inches)  in size.

Easy step by step instructions you can achieve stunning results with.
Click on the photo to see more details and close up photos.



26th June 2011 Knitted Gloves update
It is winter time here in New Zealand so time for me to knit some fingerless gloves for friends. I have just finished knitting my second pair this season. The latest purple pair I hand stitched some daisies onto them.
Click here to get the free pattern see more photos etc
For those of you enjoying summer right now, these gloves are a great small knitting project for your winter Christmas presents.

14th June 2011
Keeping the needle in the family

What every Mother should do with their daughter (and son).... get down on the floor and cut out fabric to sew.
Me with my daughter making her some trousers.

31st May 2011 Today is My Birthday
Today is my birthday, so below is another free chart for you to use for you stitching.
Click on the chart to get it and other charts to match

26th May 2011  Filet Lace Sampler
This sampler shows some of the stitches used in Filet Lace.  Around the outside of the sampler are bees and leaves stitched in the Blackwork style. The whole design area is 12 x 14 cms ( 5 x 5 1/4 inches)
Click on the photo to see  a tutorial and larger photos.


26th May 2011 Converting Charted Designs

Often we see a charted design in Cross stitch we like but we want to stitch it in another stitching style. Click here to how a Cross Stitch charted design can be used for other stitching methods. Along with free designs to stitch.

Some of the Yahoo email chat groups I belong to:

Southern Cross Quilters
Quilting Group for those in New Zealand and Australia.

Kiwi Quilters
Quilting Group for those in New Zealand and Australia.

Hardanger Group

International group for those that stitch Hardanger.

Lady Of Steeles Hand Embroidery Crafters
International group for those that stitch.

International Hand Stitchers

International group for those that stitch.

May 2011    Schwalm Tree of Life
Click on the photos to see them larger.
Schwalm is a German Needlework. One of the designs they used in this style was a 'tree of life'. Depicting facets that make life.... The urn; something to grow from. Sustenance; the pomegranate to eat. Love; the heart. Sun; warmth and promoting growth. Birds; originally they stitched crows but in the last century the dove of peace has become more popular. Some of the design areas have grids cut from the fabric weave and have Woven or Pulled Thread stitching. Design size 18 x 20cm. (7 x 8 inches)
You can see more of my Schwalm Needlework by clicking here


13th May 2011  Needlework Hoop Tutorial
 Tip for using hoops for your Needlework and Quilting.
Click to view the tutorial

12th May 2011  Two New Designs

JMD1103    Shaded Medley
2x Contemporary Casalguidi designs
step by step instructions you can achieve stunning results with...
Click on the photo to see more details.


The Eva Owl Event
Hi Everyone, often when I draw a design I think about all the different styles/techniques that the design drawing could be stitched/made into. Unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day to make every variety I can think of. So with your help I thought we would produce a gallery of photos of the “Eva Owl” I have drawn. I am not the “Artistic Police” and I want you to enjoy your making process. So think of this as an artistic event not a competition at all. It will be fun to see how many different countries we can get people to participate.
Click to View the Gallery of Owls so far


7th May 2011    Hand Stitched Hexagon Quilt Update
 It is a year later from when I started and winter is here again in New Zealand. So time to get the quilt out and do some more. The quilt was to hot to have sitting over me stitching during summer. The newer photos are near the bottom of the page in this link. Click here to see it

I have given the ladybug pattern
I made for the quilt border for you free.
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3rd May 2011 
Schwalm Pomegranate

I am presently stitching a Schwalm 'tree of life' design. I have put pomegranates in the design with buttonhole circles in the centre (right). But I find with the cut and pulled areas in the designs other features the center of the pomegranates need to be cut and pulled also for overall balance in the total design. When something like this happens while stitching I take a photo of the stitching I'm about to unpick for future reference. Left hand shows the new filling.

1st April 2011  2 New Designs
Easy step by step instructions you can achieve stunning results with...
I had not intention of releasing instructions for the Eva Owl in Contemporary Schwalm and Whitework I stitched. But after so many emails asking for instructions I have written some. Click on the photo above to see details.

 29th March 2011  Celtic Knot Hardanger

Click on the photo to see it larger.
Last year I had a go at designing up some Celtic knots in Hardanger. This is one design I got around to stitching. You can see other Hardanger I have made here: click


Two New Designs

JMD71NL    Charlotte Rose
4x Padded Needle lace designs

JMD72NL    Sacha Berries
4x Padded Needlelace designs
Both are modern designs based on Padded Needlelace (commonly used in Raised Elizabethan designs). Pockets of Needle Lace are stitched directly onto the fabric and then padded to produce raised stitched areas. Metallic thread and beads add texture and appeal to the design.

6th March 2011
Blocking Your Finished Needlework Tutorial
 I 'block' the needleworked fabric while it is drying to produce a wrinkle free background. Also it allows the fabric to dry so the weave of the fabric is straight, which is needed if putting the needlework in a picture frame. See my tutorial about it here: click

1st March 2011
Personally I am for adding some colour with the actual quilting on the smaller projects. Read more in my tutorial for using 6 stranded Needlework thread instead of quilting sewing cotton.
Click here to read more and view photos.

January 20th 2011: Postcard of Hope
I was thinking today about the well known saying
"a stitch in time saves nine"
I decided I've done a heck of a lot more than nine stitches in my life, so it is time to do something about that.
So I decided to send a postcard to the person in charge and see what happens.
I have put a copy of it here for you to see. You are welcome to put it in your blog for you, 'in hope'.

Click to see larger

January 5th 2011:

Owl Gallery
Owls are my favourite bird. I love the "Yes I am here... so what!" attitude most of them have. You can see other owls I have hand stitched in Needlework and Applique.
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January 5th 2011:

Seahorse Gallery
Seahorses are my favorite sea creature. I love how majestic they look. Also I like the idea of males carrying the babies during gestation!! You can see more that I have made here in Needlework and Applique. :
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January 5th 2011: My son Liam is the Master Baker in our household. Recently he has been making plaques to place on cakes. The plaques are made from Royal Icing that have been hand piped, dried and placed on the iced cake. The method is know as "Flooding". In the pictures below you can see he has used one of my Needlework cats as his inspiration. The cat measures about 4 inches wide.


P.S. I read in our national newspaper today that the name Liam was the most popular boys name in 2010. We chose his name in the early 1990s after his Great Grandfather who was a William. Liam is a shortened version of William and common as an Irish name.

January 5th 2011: I have recently finished making a website for Alarm Services Ltd. I have known Jim Keenan a lot more years than either of us would want to count out loud. So I know from work he has done for me over the years, that he knows what he is doing and he is trustworthy. Click on their banner below to view more.

They Provide Security Solutions:

Domestic - Rural - Commercial -
Security CCTV Cameras - Access Systems - Gate Beams
Pet Proof Sensors - Alarm monitoring - Gate Automation
Telephone PABX systems

I was asked the other day how I feel before my first coffee of the morning. I replied:

- My hair looks more warped than cheap fabric.
- My brain feels a couple of stitches short of a complete seam.
- My needle is out of thread.
- I’m a fat quarter short of yard.
- My scissor blades don’t move in unison.
- I couldn’t wind a thread bobbin without instructions.
- My movements are a few needles short of a packet.
- I feel as handy as iron-on-interfacing without a hot iron.
- I’m sure my diction is a pin short of a full pin cushion.
- My sewing machine wheel is turning but the needles blunt.
- My brain is a few feathers short of a complete quilt filling.
- My eyesight feels like two buttons short of a chocolate box full.
- My motor skills are not quite as sharp as rotary cutter.
Though I do have more intelligence than a 1914 sewing machine.

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